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Analytica Expo'2014
15 - 18 April 2014 12th International exhibition for laboratory technology, chemical analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics Russia, Moscow, ECC Sokolniki, Pavilions 4, SIMAS – A 249. Get your e-ticket >>
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Analytica Expo'2013
16 - 19 April 2013
11th International exhibition for laboratory technology, chemical analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics
Russia, Moscow, ECC Sokolniki, Pavilions 4, SIMAS – booth A 247
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PHARMTECH 2012-10-09
In 2012, PHARMTECH will be run for the 14d time. PHARMTECH - International Specialised Exhibition of Technologies for the pharmaceutical industry. Company SIMAS invites you to visit our booth: Moscow, VVC, pavilion 75, booth F115, 26— 29 november 2012.
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125 bldg 1,Varshavskoe shosse
(+7 495) 980 29 37, 781 21 58
319 22 78, 311 22 09

Chemical laboratory in the food industry Industrial chemical laboratory
Petrochemical quality control laboratory Water quality control laboratory
Microbiological (bacteriological) laboratory General laboratory equipment
Clinical biochemical laboratory Analytical steps
ECWATECH 2012 - International Water Forum
We invite you to visit the exhibition ECWATECH, that will be held from 5 to 8 of June 2012 in Moscow Exhibition Centr (MEC) "Crocus Expo". We will be pleased to see you at the SIMAS booth: pavilion №3 MEC, hall №13, booth 13G5. Company SIMAS supplies a wide range of equipment and consumables for quality control of the tap water, bottled water, waste and industrial waters, water in ponds....»

Photoreport of the exhibition Health Care 2010.
The 20-th anniversary exhibition «Health Care 2010» took place in the Expo Center from 6 to 10 December. For the SIMAS company this exhibition is not simply an opportunity to demonstrate new equipment to visitors, but it is more a chance to meet with its regular customers, dealers and foreign partners. We thank all our guests!...»

Photoreport — Seminar — Microbiological equipment from PBI. New products of 2010.
The 5-th anniversary seminar that was conducted by the SIMAS company in conjunction with PBI International - the largest manufacturer of microbiological equipment, took place 01 December 2010. New products of 2010: new models of microbiological air samplers DUO SAS 360 Isolator, Multi SAS Isolator and an autoclave series with easy lid lock....»

Photoreport of Ingredients 2010 Exhibition
Texture analyzers TA.XTplus and TA.HDplus, laser scanner Volscan Profiler from Stable Micro Systems were presented to the visitors of the Ingredients 2010 Exhibition that took place from 23 to 26 November 2010 at the Exhibition Centre. The SIMAS company delivers, implements starting-up and adjustment and trains to work on the texture analyzers, offers warranty and post-warranty service....»

Photoreport of LaboratoryExpo 2010
Agribusiness companies, food industry and Russian leading universities specialiced in food industry have shown great interest to the exhibition LaboratoryExpo 2010 (23-26 November 2010 at the Exhibition Centre). For the first time «SIMAS» company took part in the exhibition and the International Intercollegiate Conference - Modern methods of analytical quality control and safety of food raw materials and food products conducted by the Russian leading higher educational institutions specialised in food industry - Moscow State University of Technologies and Management (MSUTM)....»

Laminar box "Gemini" with vertical airflow. Brochure Angelantoni. Supplier SIMAS
Biological safety boxes, laminar boxes for the equipping of certain workplaces, working with powders. Brochure Angelantoni. Supplier SIMAS
Medical super low temperature freezers. Brochure Angelantoni. Supplier SIMAS
Helios C - box with a horizontal laminar airflow. Brochure Angelantoni. Supplier SIMAS
Paper and membrane filters for the brewing and beverage industry. Brochure Munktell. SIMAS supplier.
Coated paper to protect surfaces. Brochure Munktell. Supplier SIMAS.
Filter paper mark FILTRAK. Brochure Munktell. SIMAS supplier.
Cellulose thimble for Soxhlet extraction. Brochure Munktell. Supplier SIMAS.
Filter paper for quantitative analysis. Brochure Munktell. SIMAS supplier.
Paper for sampling blood of newborns for the research. Brochure Munktell. Supplier SIMAS.
Paper for the control of seed germination. Brochure Munktell. SIMAS supplier.
The new catalog company SIMAS - 1000 Small Things for the laboratory.
Simple counting colonies and measuring zones of suppression. Brochure SYNBIOSIS. Supplier SIMAS.
aCOLyte Colony Counter. Brochure SYNBIOSIS. Supplier SIMAS.
ProtoCOL 2 Automated colony counting and zone sizing. Brochure SYNBIOSIS. Supplier SIMAS.
Accessories ProtoCOL2. Brochure SYNBIOSIS. Supplier SIMAS.
Laboratory equipment manufacturer. Catalog SELECTA 2011-2013.
Machines for washing and disinfection. Catalog Miele.
Teknokroma 2009-2010. SIMAS.
Catalogue Expendable materials, accesorise and equipment for microbiologist